Our Services
  • Electrical solutions for all types of control applications
  • Design and supply electrical control panels
  • Electrical site installation
  • Design and configure programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Writing and testing of PLC programs
  • Electrical control system testing and commissioning

We also provide design, installation, testing and commissioning on the following system :

  • Energy Efficiency Performance Management
  • Staircase Pressurization System
  • Server Room 24-hour Air-Conditioning System
  • Kitchen Exhaust & Supply System
  • Smoke Purging Control System
  • SMS Alert Messaging System
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) System
  • Home Automation System
  • Heater Control And Monitoring System
  • Lighting Control And monitoring System
  • Medical Isolation Room Control And Monitoring System
Our company also incorporate a 2-wire system in our projects to provide cost savings in cabling infrastructure; thus reduce materials and manpower costs. With the help of this two-wire system, we are able to test and commission the entire system in a much shorter time as compared to the normal hardwired methods using tens and hundreds of cables. At the same, we also reduced the human errors on termination of tens and hundreds of cables as compared to two-wire connection. The best part of this 2-wire system is the communication distance being able to reach 10km from end-to-end.